What has Admin been up to?

Carla and Christina have been working feverishly setting up our new sites on the new servers over the past few weeks. For those that are unaware, we were already maxed out with our dedicated server last year. The plans had been made to step forward to a new server over the course of this upcoming school year, to be released for the 2021-22 school year. But COVID-19 occurred and we have seen an influx of account creations. This made us re-evaluate our timeline and bring it forward to happening for this school year (2020-21).

Along with the servers, the LMS (Learning Management Software) that we utilize was overdue for several upgrades. The potential ability to move the entire Moodle (the LMS) site from one to the other was just not feasible. There was too much risk for critical errors occurring. This led us to start fresh with updated Moodle sites and rebuild from the ground up. The good news is a cleaner, fresher look to the entire site, including the courses!

When creating the new sites, we also made the decision to break off into several sites versus all-in-one. This brings us to four separate sites. We have one for all of the live classes, one for AYOP classes, one for the build team, and one for all of the news.

They share a cloud server hosting plan for now, but this allows us the opportunity to split into multiple plans more easily as we grow.  It also allows us to customize our admin messaging to families.  (Live students have different needs than AYOP, since there are additional scheduling and account setup notifications.)

Complete the Parent Pre-Enrollment Course! They will show at the bottom when you have completed it 100%. No one will send them to you. You HAVE to complete the course!

**Early and General Seating use the same keys. Early Seating is tracked in admin.

So, what do you do from here?

We need you to do the following steps. They will help avoid the rush and help us process account setups.

Create a PARENT account on the site you know that you plan to use (LIVE or AYOP).*

*If you plan to use both, just pick one to start. The Parent Pre-Enrollment course will walk you through the setup steps for both sites.

Complete Parent Pre-Enrollment course using your PARENT account. (You do not need to do it separately for each child.)*

This will walk you through account setup, give TONS of information about this transition, timing for old site shutdown, how enrollment works, and MUCH MORE!

The old site Parent Pre-Enrollment Course is not available unless you were already enrolled it.

*If you have already started the Parent Pre-Enrollment on the old site, continue it there. Otherwise enroll in it on only ONE of the two new sites, LIVE or AYOP. You only need to do the pre-enrollment course ONCE, but do have to do the updated sections referencing the new sites.


If you are wanting to still do AYOP classes on old site during summer until we get AYOP on new site and were not already enrolled, go ahead and enroll in one of the NEW SITE Parent Pre-Enrollment courses. You will still be able to set up enrollment on old site through the new site courses until we totally close that site down.

CAN I SKIP THE PARENT COURSE? I’M ONLY DOING SUMMER AYOP CLASSES – One word? No. There is important info on timing that you need to know as far as when site will no longer be available and when we will be transitioning you to the new site. You will NOT need to wait on the volunteer verification of accounts to get the old site AYOP keys, but you WILL need to complete the sections that are required for the AYOP classes (that does not include the live class sections.) You can see which sections are required by clicking on the “Enrollment Keys” topics.

What about enrollment?

Enrollment will not be until after AT LEAST July 5. Between now and then, we’ll start “Teacher Recruit” and do additional site setup and course restructure. The teacher recruit information will be posted soon on this site (VHSG News Hub). Come back often to look for new announcements. (Speed of setup and enrollment date will depend entirely on how much volunteer help we get and how soon teachers step up.)

You WILL NOT see the classes up yet.  We have the structure of the site in place, but DO NOT yet have the classes there.  They will trickle in over time as we get teaching volunteers and get help from the Build Team to convert them from the old site.  Please consider volunteering to teach or build or both.  There is information in the Parent Pre-Enrollment course to join our volunteer teams.

Be aware that some of our courses need additional work done due to the Moodle upgrade and some older Flash resources that were used and need to be replaced.  Not every class that ran last year will be able to run this year without work.  The admin team cannot do it all.  We put tutorials in the Build Team, and much of it is data entry.   Joining this team will increase the likelihood of courses running and free up admin time for more complex tasks.


– One word – Volunteer. We need help rebuilding courses to new format, and teachers to offer them. If you are waiting for your account to be verified, realize there are volunteers in the background doing this. It isn’t automatic for some of the enrollment and setup tasks. Information on volunteering in various ways is in the Parent Pre-Enrollment Course. Helping with some of the simpler tasks will free up admin and experienced volunteers to do the more complex work. Much of the behind the scenes is simple data entry, and we provide tutorials.

Please be patient as we make this transition. Volunteers have been putting in many intense weeks getting these new sites ready, and there are only so many hours in a day. Although the structure is now there, the courses themselves need SIGNIFICANT work yet. There are some modifications that need to be done to get them to the new Moodle format and some other tech issues (flash related) that need to be addressed this year. Sites and courses do not maintain themselves.

  • GOOD90
  • THINGS80
  • TAKE70
  • TIME60


Yep. We know. That is part of why courses need the transition work. Graphics that “fit” on the old site do not “fit” on new site format. We need to rebuild them or manually restructure them. The same goes for assignments. We will manually need to go in and adjust settings in many assignment types to make them work for the students. That is why we are encouraging people to VOLUNTEER. Admin team just can’t do it all. There may be additional settings that seem off or something that just doesn’t work. We wanted to release this parent course NOW so we can work out any bugs in settings on the site before the kids start using it. You as parents are the guinea pigs and are helping us test it out for the kids. Please – again be PATIENT as we work out any bugs. There are endless settings and they take time to test. (Fixing the graphics is on our endless list . . . we just have more important things to get in place first.) There are some other settings and graphics that are still being fine tuned. The look now on the sites is a work in process.

UPDATE: Donations are now open! You can find all the information and deadlines on this post

Donations are not open yet. We will announce when we are able to accept them. Watch this site for the announcement!

Please do NOT send any donations until you see the announcement.

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