Thank you SO MUCH!

Thank you SO MUCH to all that have given donations to support VHSG. We have received over $13,000.00 in donations this year, and that has paid many of the expenses we needed to start up the year.

As you know, we have had an unusually high year for expenses. We have nearly double the server costs for a good share of the year due to needing to transition websites. Although we hope to cancel the old server sooner vs later, we need time to transition everything off of it and allow people to pull their grades. (Make sure to grab old grades now.)

We also had some fairly significant extra expenses during the transition to transfer the non-profit status for accounting purposes from Tammy to the current core admin team. Although Tammy is still there behind the scenes for support, her work schedule is not allowing her to take on the day to day management of the admin tasks.

What has come in already has been applied to expenses we have already had. We have some expenses that will be due in the next couple months that we currently do not have donations yet to cover.

If you feel led, please consider giving a bit to apply to these expenses. Even small amounts given by multiple people will take a huge chunk out of these bills.

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our co-op. Without our volunteers and generous donors, our kids would not have classes.

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