We are in process of transferring old families over that paid and enrolled on the old site. Old families don’t need to pay again, but DO need to have parent course done and accounts set up on both live and ayop sites (Volunteers are working on contacting them if we are missing info. You will not be added until you have completed the parent course. If you want to enroll yourselves with the keys, it will save us some time. Just don’t pay if you already paid on old site.)

Personal Finance 0 Seats Remaining

*Does not include Entrepreneurship!! Listed separately! For current seats remaining, check the enrollment course.


There are currently 71 seats left. We cannot get more after they are gone. We are trying to recruit teachers for live sessions. If you are interested in teaching finance, please contact our Teacher Recruit Team (VHSGTEACHER@GMAIL.COM). We are likely to need three teachers to seat all interested students. At this point, we have one. (Backup would be AYOP if not able to do live.)

*Finance will enroll on live, entrepreneurship (will be listed soon but not yet) will be on AYOP site.

For Dave Ramsey, we do a bulk buy in the spring to get a discounted rate on their subsciptions. The videos and homework used in the course are done on Dave Ramsey’s site, and each student needs a paid subscription (through us) to access it. You pay after enrolling in the course, but seating in the course is FIRST PAY, FIRST SEAT.

There is a new video in the Parent Pre-Enrollment course that will explain all of the details. After completing the course and watching that newly created video, the Dave Ramsey key will be visible in the Parent Pre-enrollment course. That video will answer most of the questions you will likely have about the course, so please refer to that before contacting us with questions. It is in the “Enrolling in Dave Ramsey Classes” section.

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